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Find out the 6 essential formal shirts for men that should be in your wardrobe. pieces of your lean minimalist wardrobe are your dress shirts.
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How Many Men's Dress Shirts Do You Really Need?

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Size size Choose a size Large X-Large 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 Jackets Pants Shirts Sweaters. Product View Options prev 1 of 1 next. Allen Edmonds Poplar Dress Belt. Allen Edmonds Carlyle Plain-toe Oxfords. Steven Alan Oxford One Shirt. Levis Slim Fit Line 8 Jeans. Whatever it is worn with, a shirt should fit snugly without restricting movement.

Just as the shirt protects the jacket's lining from absorbing too much grease and sweat from the skin beneath, an undershirt can take the brunt of perspiration to keep a dress shirt looking fresh all day and extend its life. If the shirt is to be worn open-necked, a crew-neck t-shirt will peek out below the throat, an adolescent look most men do well to avoid. V-neck tees are much safer.

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Some men prefer to feel the dress shirt's finer fabric against their skin, and forgo an undershirt altogether. A shirt's color is the first thing we notice. It can be determined a hundred feet away and may send a message that the man wearing it is outgoing or that he knows how to fit in. Neither message is better than the other, but a man who understands the role of color and its effect has control over what is being said.

White is the most common shirt color, and for good reason. Historically, it has dominated the scene, and initially was the only choice for a gentleman. The lack of color and stains on a man's collar and cuffs signified he was above working with his hands and sweating to earn a living. It wasn't until the English began to introduce colors from their weekends and country wear that colors and patterns became fashionable. Still, white holds it's place as the most formal color; a man can safely assume a white shirt will never be out of place.

Blue came on to the shirt scene a bit later, but it's dominance of second has more to do with it's looks than heritage.

Need to dress up? Here is a closet full of shirts that will make you look amazing!

Blue and colors with similar hues are especially flattering to most male complexions ; thus the popularity of blue exploded in the United States as more and more off-the-rack manufactures looked for colors and patterns that would sell. Pink, gold, lavender….. These other colors make great accents, but can stand as solids themselves on the right man. And that's a point that is often overlooked; every man has a unique look based off his complexion, hair color, eye color, and their amount of contrast. Using these cues, a man is better served to find the color and combinations that compliment his unique style than to chase the popular colors of the season.

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Solid -The simplest pattern is none at all. But solid shirts are anything but simple, especially if you play with the weave. A solid white twill fabric has a very different look and feel from a solid white poplin.

Our Long Sleeve Dress Shirts Allow You to Look and Feel Your Best

In addition, by choice to go solid allows a man the option to highlight other aspects of the shirt such as a unique collar style or to focus the attention of what really matters, his face. Stripe — Less formal that a solid, the striped shirt is a man's opportunity to add some pizazz to his outfit. Most men can't go wrong with a classic white on blue, but those who know how to dress seek to add certain accent colors such as red or pink to liven up the hues in the face. Many people are confused about wearing striped shirts with striped ties or pin-striped suits for that matter.

#1: Solid White

The rule here is that the distance between the stripes should be different; otherwise you have the optical illusion of movement. Check- the most casual pattern , it is the busiest pattern and the one least seen on ready made shirts. Historically, the purpose of the check was to identify and signify a wearer's background.

Today, most men are intimidated to wear such a pattern with a suit as that it appears overpowering; it needn't be, just remember not to mix like patterns; a checked shirt with a solid suit and striped tie is a great combination. Just don't wear it to meet the Queen of England. The battle has been raging for sometime: on one side you have those who say that cotton is king, and you should never compromise.

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Others argue that there is a time and place for blends, and that many of the properties man made fibers bestow upon a blended shirt are well worth the compromise. I personally believe it depends on your needs and wants. If you work in an air conditioned building, are price sensitive, and new to quality shirting then blends are a viable option. If you are a traveler, have plenty of money, and spend time in hot weather then cotton is perhaps a better choice.

For more information on shirt fabrics in general, click here. Men's dress shirt collars come in all different colors, sizes, and styles the figure to the left displays the six common areas where tailors adjust the size and length.

The Oxford Button Down Dress Shirt

Regardless of the type of jacket or tie, ones shirt collar is always visible, and plays a major role in determining how the wearer's face will appear to observers. Choosing the right shirt collar will ensure you enhance your facial strengths while downplaying any irregularities. Turndown collars are the staple found on gentleman's shirts, and offer the most opportunity for individual taste. These collars, as the name suggests, are turned down, forming a sort of triangle whose angles vary with the particular look one is aiming for.