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Talia threw her head back and sighed in pleasure as my tongue traced a line from one proud, perky nipple to the other.

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A building, primal hunger snapped Talia from her reverie, and she pushed me away, dark eyes staring at me with a sudden, smoldering intensity. She hopped off the counter, dropped to her knees, pulled down my shorts, and impatiently stuffed my naked hardness into her mouth. I pried her eager mouth off me and hoisted the girl to her feet.

Talia read the lust in my eyes. Saw my intensions, plain as day. Obediently, she slipped her stretchy little shorts down off her hips and stepped out of them, totally naked. I drank in one last look at her breasts, one last look at her eyes— Then I spun her around, bent her over the kitchen sink, and slid my entire length inside her hot, wet cunt. Talia was so utterly aroused that I met almost no resistance until her beautiful, heart-shaped ass was pressing snugly against me.

I withdrew, then pushed myself back inside. Then again. And again. I was only too happy to oblige. I braced my hands on the counter and fucked her harder. I stood up on my toes to get a better angle of attack, then plunged back into Talia with everything I had. Her ass clapped loudly against my pelvis with every thrust. That finally did the trick, and I felt every muscle in her body tense around me as she came.

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Her chest dropped limp to the kitchen counter, large breasts splashing against the cold surface— I choked out a cry as I emptied myself inside her, spurt after spurt. We wiped off the evidence, and she gave me a hug and a kiss goodnight—still stark naked—then I watched her bare ass sashay across the living room as she retired to bed for the night. Simon and Stephanie were still audibly making out in the other room when I got back into my own bed between Amy and Elizabeth.

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But despite sleeping in, I was still just half awake when I stumbled into the living room and greeted everyone: Simon on the couch, Talia doing her nails, Rachel giving Talia a backrub, Stephanie, Liz, and Amy cooking breakfast together. From the others? Talia was doing such a good job of playing it cool about our tryst that I briefly wondered if I had actually just dreamed the whole thing.

A few hours later, we all took advantage of a brief lull in the rain to take a hike in the forest. It was pretty muddy out, but in a way that actually added to the fun. And, more importantly, I wanted to confirm that it had actually happened.

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Talia and I took off running up the muddy hill towards our friends. Amy, Stephanie, Rachel, and Simon charged down towards us in a screaming mob, running for their lives, their arms flailing spastically in self-defense. I found her backed up against a rock formation, with nowhere to run from the angry swarm, afraid to move.

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  7. Then I felt the first sting. Not realizing it, I had charged right into the middle of them. I grabbed Liz, shaking her out of her panic, and pulled her down the hill with me as fast as I could, until I was confident we were totally safe from the little bastards. Luckily, nobody was allergic to bees. The other girls had escaped miraculously unscathed. We all took off our shirts while our friends pulled out the stingers.

    That kiss had left me with a good mood that no amount of itching could dampen. It felt right, in the kind of way that very few things in life ever do. All I felt was the adrenaline from our recent excitement. I was just doing what I always did, getting all excited over nothing. We were still just friends. Nonetheless, Elizabeth hung on my arm for the rest of the day, and I felt pretty damn heroic.

    There was something incredibly comforting about her presence that always put me in a happy place. She had told me as much, several times. And I hated it. I swear I caught her smile at the feel of my erection. I like her boobies. I wish I had boobies like those! We all laughed at the idea, so Liz stripped off her huge bra from under her tank top and handed it to Rachel. In the name of science.

    Rachel snapped on the bra and then peeled of her top—revealing the hilarious disparity between her nice, perky boobs and the enormous, practically empty bra cups covering them. I caught a fleeting glimpse of a rosy little nipple above the top of the borrowed bra before Rachel readjusted herself. Rachel asked if the rest of us had five or six pairs of socks to spare for padding.

    Elizabeth turned deep red. That would look pretty funny.

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    But I frowned when he reached into his suitcase and pulled out a clean pair of tightie-whiteys. So, while Simon got to enjoy the comfort and modesty of my baggy cotton shorts, I did my best not to feel self-conscious in a pair of white nylon briefs that clung to my package like a second skin. I knew that if I got a hard-on—entirely possible under the circumstances—my dick would poke out up above the waistband in full view of everyone. Showing a little bit of skin was the point of this whole thing, anyway, and most of my friends had already seen me in the buff.

    Talia had slipped the bra straps off her shoulders, so that the tops of her substantial breasts were bulging out, nearly spilling over. With her tiny frame, Rachel looked cartoonishly top-heavy, prompting a laugh from both Simon and I. A landscape of naked flesh squeezed out around the fabric in all directions. The tiny, silver bikini panties she had on just barely covered her pubic hair, and covered even less of her voluptuous ass.

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    Then there was the shirt. Oh, that evil little shirt. The thin material hugged against her body more closely than any wet t-shirt contest I had ever seen, and every yummy detail of her big, erect nipples was blatantly staring me in the face. The shirt tried in vain to cover the awesome circumference of her bosom, failing so miserably that the under-curve of each breast was plainly visible. They bounced with every confident step Liz took towards me—until my cock was so unbelievably fucking hard that the head swelled into view above the waistband of my borrowed briefs. It was her confidence.

    Though usually self-conscious about her beautiful curves, that night she held her head high and showed off her body with pride. It took every ounce of my willpower to keep my hands off her tits. The air in the room was saturated with an erotic charge. The girls wanted an excuse to see the boys naked, the boys and Rachel wanted and excuse to see the girls naked, and Talia wanted an excuse to see everyone naked. It was Amy who started making things more interesting. Desperate to prove she could out-drink all of us, she had thrown down about three times as much booze as anyone else.

    When she finally killed the tequila, Amy slammed it victoriously down on the carpet. Amy took it upon herself to go first, and gave the empty bottle a spin, cheering drunkenly when it came to a stop pointing at Simon. A boy! I gotta draw the line somewhere. Simon spun the bottle next, and I felt the tiniest pang of frustration when it came to a stop on Elizabeth.

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    Both of them blushed nervously as Simon scooted over towards the girl, unable to take his eyes off her awesome tits. Neither participant was nearly so adventurous or drunk as Amy had been, and after a timid peck on the lips, they both retreated back to their spots like scared kittens. When Rachel had finally had her fill, she slumped back into her spot beside Talia and shivered with arousal. And for the record, I think we can all agree that your boobies look super fucking hot in my shirt.

    You can keep it. I had two-to-one odds and I still lost! Do I have to? I felt a surprisingly strong jolt of arousal as she slid her tongue across my stomach. The positive re-enforcement must have gotten through to Rachel, because she immediately got way more into what she was doing, peppering in sweet kisses to my abdomen between licks.