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With the economy back on track, most companies (about 98%) are planning to offer raises this year. That means most of us will see a little bump in pay.
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Go from $30 p/h to $50 p/h With Existing Clients in Two Simple Steps

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Logout Cancel. Alternately, if you currently work for yourself, it can be hard to get your clients to pay appropriately for your services in a way that accounts not only for inflation but also for your significant expertise. You can give yourself a raise by taking care of your finances, developing side gigs, and making smart investments.

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Categories: Personal Income. Learn why people trust wikiHow. Learn more Method 1. Revise your budget. Cut down on everything except for fixed expenses. Fixed expenses like your rent or car insurance may be hard to change, but other expenses like eating out or entertainment spending can be adjusted. If you spend a lot at your local pub, try inviting your friends over for drinks more of the time to save on alcohol. Change your tax withholding. Get your current employer to adjust your tax withholding amount, and place the savings into a savings account or an investment portfolio.

You will be giving yourself a raise equal to the amount of interest you make on this money during the year. Manage your debt.

If you are currently in debt, the single best way to give yourself a raise is to get out of debt. The interest you are paying on your debt could be money in your pocket. If you can get out of debt, you will be giving yourself a raise equal to the amount of interest that you would otherwise be stuck paying. Cut subscriptions. Review your monthly statement and look at all of your subscriptions. Looking carefully at all of your product and entertainment subscriptions such as cable or new subscriptions, consider cutting as many as possible.

It is possible that you are spending a great deal of money on entertainment products that you no longer use. By cutting unnecessary subscriptions, you can give yourself a small raise every month. You can get lots of free entertainment online instead. If you are paying for news, try cutting it. You can get lots of free news online. If you are paying for a landline, try cutting it and using your mobile phone instead. If you have a music service subscription, consider cutting it.

Save on your services.

Five sneaky (and legal) ways to give yourself a "raise"

Look over your monthly statement and figure out how much you are spending on your monthly services such as your phone and internet bills. See if you can find the same service from a different company for less money. If you identify a cheaper version of the service, try phoning your current provider to see if they will match the price or switch your service provider.

If you decide to switch service provider, you should check to see whether your current provider will penalize you with service withdrawal charges. Save on your vacation expenses. If you spend a lot on vacations, consider ways to save Try a stay-at-home vacation or staycation.

Instead of spending a fortune on airplane tickets, stay at home for the holidays. The money you would have spent on the vacation will stay in your pocket as a small raise. Cut your housing costs. If you are currently living on your own, you could save money on rent by getting a roommate or two.

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You will get to meet new people and save on rent, since it is cheaper to rent a shared apartment than rent one on your own. The money you save will be in your pocket at the end of each month. Reduce transportation costs. Transportation can be another major way to save. You can save a lot of money by getting rid of your car if walking, biking or public transportation is a viable option where you are located.

Method 2. Transform your hobby into a gig. If you have a hobby such as gardening, playing video games, or writing, see if you can turn it into a side gig. Start by making a list of your current hobbies.