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Kansas author Eunice Boeve's childrens book “Echoes of Kansas Past: A Travel through Time” follows Jack and Molly as they visit moments in Kansas history.
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The large, circular room featured a big, drum-shaped bar in the middle. There was live music almost every night.

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Both the hotel—now a member of Historic Hotels of America —and the Drum Room Lounge have been restored and renovated over time. And while the lounge no longer has its drum-shaped bar and no longer features live music, it looks much like it did on opening day. Hours: Monday through Wednesday, 11 a. The bartenders are well-dressed and old-school polite.

In Kansas Courtroom, Echoes of Rwanda Genocide - The New York Times

The menu is comprised of drinks giving a wink and nod to KC heritage—e. Lauren Walser served as the Los Angeles-based field editor of Preservation magazine. She enjoys writing and thinking about art, architecture, and public space, and hopes to one day restore her very own Arts and Crafts-style bungalow. April 6, Location: Baltimore Ave.

Beyond that, it was my pleasure to get to travel with people like Curts and Nelsen.

Boy Decapitated at Water Park in Kansas

And for my trouble, I got to see once-in-a-lifetime performances and discovered some of the most interesting and inspiring DIY spaces out there. What follows are some highlights from the Echo Beds fall tour.

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You'll find more elsewhere on this site soon. A cross-country network of musicians was visible even at this hometown show. The Body is originally from Providence, Rhode Island, and its musicians are part of the group keeping the touring circuit alive, by making both interesting music and the sacrifices necessary to be able to tour regularly. The building that Negative Space partly occupies was built in the s and bears an old Pabst mosaic.

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In the early twentieth century, we were told, it was a club for people who practiced bestiality. Negative Space is a special place where good things can happen, where the setting is as interesting as the art being made and seen there.

It feels like certain places that used to exist in Denver, where creative people could take advantage of relatively low rents to create a space in which to do something outside of the purview of more established or commercial venues. Negative Space seems like a hub for people who appreciate something off the beaten path. And Stephen Proski of Human Traffic took us to the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, with its fantastic outdoor sculptures and a glass maze so disorienting that a few of us bumped into the walls.

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A world traveler and veteran of underground music, Milik was known by bands everywhere we went. Like Jones, Milik was not only well respected, but also connected in unexpected ways. Listening to him talk about music — as well as local politics — was extremely enlightening.

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In Kansas Courtroom, Echoes of Rwanda Genocide

When we first got to town, we went to a house called Dog Mansion, where we met with Milik and his band, Errors, which is kind of a grindcore act but is really too far outside the lines for that designation. The show, in the basement of a house off the main strip of Iowa City, was well attended. But someone called the police, and before Errors could finish, the show had to be shut down. It was during midterms in the college town, so you can hardly blame people.

Driving from town to town in the Midwest made me appreciate how far Denver really is from any other large city where a truly active music scene might exist. The morning after the Iowa City show, we had time to see one of the local attractions: the somewhat mysterious Black Angel statue in Oakland Cemetery, where deer wandered in to feed, only moderately wary of human presence.

And then we moved on to Chicago, which was only a short drive away. You have successfully signed up for your selected newsletter s - please keep an eye on your mailbox, we're movin' in!